Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children
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01-09-2012, 06:49 AM
RE: Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children
Not to rain on anyone's parade... but in this video I think he fails to make his case, and seems to stray into equating evolution with the big bang theory with references to "distant stars" and "deep time". Perhaps it's just the way this video is cut Undecided Carl Sagan was also very loose in using the term "evolution", and that loose approach is deeply embedded into modern Christian apologetics.

Comparing non-acceptance of evolution with not knowing about tectonic plates is a bit weird. Geology was a fairly mature field by the time tectonic plates were discovered only last century. You can do a hell of a lot of geology without an understanding that the continents are in motion.

To say "why not" as an argument for believing is also not a good basic model for critical thinking. Evolution is an extraordinary claim and does require extraordinary evidence. Rather than asking "why not" it's better to ask what someone believes and why they believe it, and contrast the foundation of their belief with the foundation of the generally accepted model.

Give me your argument in the form of a published paper, and then we can start to talk.
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