Billy Ray Cyrus Equates Atheists With Satan
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21-02-2011, 09:49 AM
RE: Billy Ray Cyrus Equates Atheists With Satan
[Image: 6.gif] Oh hell, Billy Ray equated a mullet and his one and only hot single, with a hair style and career! Now, he's a proud pimp papa living off his man sounding daughter, who was raised poorly by both him and his wife!

Rather than take responsibility for unfit parenting, of course he's going to blame something else. Why not the adversary to his own god? And in so doing, discredit his "dada in Heaven" for being at odd's and opposed by his own first born angelic son that omniscience (omni-impotence actually) saw coming?!

I'd rather be an atheist than BRC's brat, any day. Tongue
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