Black Holes
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03-08-2011, 10:47 AM
RE: Black Holes
I looked up that link on Galaxy Spin and went to other direct reports from the creator of that hypothesis and while I'm not an expert by far I see a flaw in what he is claiming is wrong with the scientific community. Galaxy Spin Theory

He asserts, "the galaxies themselves are also in orbit. It is simple progression. The orbiting accounts for the observations we are able to detect: the galaxies accelerating "Hubble's Law", and the light shift from distant galaxies."

That's a fine thing to say but his assumption seems that he is saying astronomers don't believe galaxies are in orbit; yet, from what I've known that has been clearly believed as a fact. He argues on about how he doesn't have any mathematical formula to his problem since he thinks it is so obviously simple he doesn't need any. I find this hard to believe as anything more than one mans overly skeptic believe, especially since he sticks so firm to it as fact himself despite criticism of claiming scientists to following that very ill.

I like his ending premise against thinking of terms of beginnings and endings but he makes a large generalization about humanity in saying they mostly focus on that way. In fact many eastern ways of thought have never conformed to that way of thought and often attributed to the universe in always existing point. Many astronomers and scientists now think that way as well because it has grown in the scientific community the idea that the big bang isn't the start of anything other than our current universe.

What I wanted to say from reading the first post was based on my last comment how there is a belief in many that the big bang is only the start of our universe. I saw there are many many hypothesis's to what could be the creation of other universes and big bangs.

One idea that related to a black hole I saw talked about on the show, Morgan Freeman: Looking through the wormhole, on an episode about multiple universe questions, is some scientists thinking that black holes could be what creates universes and that our universe and Big Bang is indeed a black hole, on the other side of it. Then it would be to say that numerous universes are created from black holes from our universes and so on. I thought it was an interesting idea not that it has to be assumed true with no evidence either way at this early point in black hole studies.
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