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27-03-2013, 06:24 PM
So I got unlimited internet (no monthly bandwidth cap) so I downloaded Blacklight and have been playing it last night and this morning.

It's an MMOFPS but it's actually really really well done (for once in the MMOFPS genre), AND it's FREE!.
It's really smooth, the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is good (and familiar. If you've played CoD, you've played Blacklight), the gun balance is amazing, the customization is the best I've ever seen in an fps (or pretty much any genre now that I think of it) allowing you to upgrade about 6 different things of your gun which effects things like spread, recoil, ads time, damage etc.. as well as camo and a little key chain do-dacky thing. And the character is all customizable too. I like that it's all not just for show, everything changes your stats (except camo and key-chain thing obviously) which is nice. And it's free. Oh and there's a ton of different game modes and maps and no glitchers or hackers (unlike some mmofps's I've played).

It's made by the same people that made star trek online.

Anyway, if shooting games is your thing you should certainly give it a try, it's surprisingly very good. And it's free.

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