Blue Law Podcast (May 14, 2013): Taxing cigarettes and alcohol
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23-05-2013, 03:16 PM
Blue Law Podcast (May 14, 2013): Taxing cigarettes and alcohol
I understand your meaning of taxes becoming something that the gov't relies on, so taxing things they are trying to discourage doesn't necessarily make sense.

However, certain things have side effects that we all pay for, for example: tobacco can be provided for cheap by the tobacco company, however health care is partially paid for by government services, and regular tobacco smoke has a significant effect on that. In cases like this, taxing tobacco, which is in effect a higher cost to pay for the product without addition profits going to the company, means that the gov't can offset these costs caused by these side effects.

Can a situation arise where the government uses those funds for other purposes, and it then causes a conflict of interest? Sure. But that's what the citizenry needs to look out for, and why transparency of gov't is important, a completely different issue.
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