Book recommendation needed please
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04-03-2014, 03:14 AM
RE: Book recommendation needed please
(03-03-2014 02:58 PM)Eugryan Wrote:  Hey all. First post. I need a book recommendation please.
I listened to an interesting tta podcast recently on raising children. The recommendation was to give children all the information on all religions.
So I am looking for a book that my kids could pick up that gave some facts on all the world religions, details of their deity, their rules, origin etc etc.
All the religion books in my local library are overly respectful and give the fluffy account.
thanks in advance.
I had a nice, illustrated book of Egyptian, Greek and Celtic myths and legends. I can't find it anymore, but this one looks somewhat similar. It certainly shows some origins of myths.

But if you want true gold, you will definitely pick up the Illustrated Book of Myths. Just look at the contents page and you will be delighted. First section is focused on creation stories of various cultures! Then there's a lot animal creation and metamorphosis bullshit explanation stories just like in Bible. And then there's another section focused on the end times stories! I'm sure kids will love it and once they hear of Bible, they'll see no difference Tongue If they ask why there's no Yahweh stories, just tell them that they couldn't put the Bible myths into that book, because too many people still believe it today and they don't want their fairy tales to be put among fairy tales. There are still believers in Zeus and Poseidon, but just a few.

If your kids ever come in contact with Bible books and stories for children, you might want to consider this book as well. Some stories they don't tell you in Sunday school Dodgy
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