Bring It On!
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15-08-2017, 05:25 AM
RE: Bring It On!
(14-08-2017 12:46 PM)Airportkid Wrote:  But he did. He did provide evidence - what to him is evidence. The problem is not a matter of evidence or its lack - there is ALWAYS evidence, evidence in abundance. The problem is evaluating evidence, discerning what evidence is relevant and how it proves/disproves the issue at hand. That's hard, and takes education, training, and a frame of mind that resists leaping to conclusions.

So don't knock the religious for lacking evidence. They don't lack evidence, they've got evidence by oceans. What they lack is the intellectual capability of discernment, proper logic, and knowing to remove what they'd like to be true from the top of the evaluation priority list to the bottom.
Fair enough, but not all claimed evidence is admissible AS evidence. It might be irrelevant, false, or a total non-sequitur. While it's possible from one perspective to say they have all sorts of evidence and no idea how to work with it, it's also just as justified to say they haven't the slightest shred or whiff of valid evidence OR logical argument to support their position. I find that rejecting their "evidence" is better than letting them think their "evidence" somehow might justify their unjustified, fantastical claims in some way.

Same thing with argument. Sure they have a gigantic grab-bag of arguments that whole books have been written about. But if the arguments are false or logically incoherent, are they really arguments in the first place? Sure they have a holy book that thousands of commentaries and "analyses" have been written concerning, but does that in any way validate the provenance or claims or authenticity as the Word of God?

Same thing with ubiquity. Christianity is the majority belief system in much (though a minority) of the world, billions collectively over human history have subscribed to the system, but is this the basis of any actual credibility?
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