Building the starship USS Enterprise
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21-06-2012, 05:23 AM
RE: Building the starship USS Enterprise
Quote: Fuck the Star Destroyer, USS Enterprise is better, and this way people
can start pushing the political and economical model of the Federation,
something like a Venus Project.
By what do you mean, federation? As in the world being one big "country"? Because that is pointless, countries are so different it will make no difference. Much like different states are so different, Texas is very very different to Hawaii.
It wont be "one united country". Replace current word "country" with "state" for what we have today and that is what we would have.

Quote: You all do realize that your government is spending tons of money on space project today, right?
Well actually... Lets just say I promise you that not a single cent of New Zealand tax payer money goes into space stuff. Oh, apart from the few observatories around, but even then they might be private owned or funded by universities.

Quote: They just need to redirect that money into a new project
So now not only is this project wasting time and money but it is actually slowly progress, or completely halting it, in other areas. Lovely.

Quote: they have already abandoned Space Shuttle project, why not take this as the next step?
Yes because that makes sense. Hmm, I don't feel like owning a restaurant anymore I want to get out of the food business. Oh I know! I'll open a chain of fucking restaurants!.
The space shuttle was shut down because it was to expensive (and outdated IMO) and the government couldn't keep justifying spending that kind of money on something like that when the country was in the financial crapper.
So you're saying make that reason why they shut it down in the first place a trillion times worst by doing this?!?
[sarcasm]Yes because that makes perfect rational sense.[/sarcasm]

Quote: My idea is that something this big can not and should not be one
country's project, this should be a joint project (joint project, get
it, Smile
), similar to the International Space Station. That way you do not
strain the budget of only one country and you can build things faster.
USA, China, Russia and Japan should be the first 4 countries involved in
this and if those countries were to start working on this together,
then those countries would start to unite on more levels than they are
And just like the international space shuttle it will mean nothing.
Just because a few of your engineers are working together on something doesn't instantly mean you get instant free trade agreements with that country or whatever. It means nothing. Political history and numeric factors suddenly do not disappear.
US: "Yo China, can you stop building container ships at a loss with intention of flooding the shipping industry to reduce prices plz?"
China: "nah"
US: "But we're working on the enterprise together, tots' thought we were like BFF now?"
China: "you thought wrong bitch"

Quote: You see, I can do this all day, until you admit that my logic is superior and you bow down to my superiority!
You obviously have not read the Jubaliee thread in the world section. So can I.
Except I make perfect sense and you're putting out the same excuses about uniting countries even though history proves that is dead wrong.

Still waiting on that good reason why we should do this...

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