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30-12-2012, 07:10 PM
Not sure where to put this thread...

Recently a friend sent me a link on facebook. The link was about Bullying and how you can get through it basically by pittying the bully.
It says that bullies feel insecure and unhappy about themselves and they treat others the way they feel about themselves. And by being sorry for them and knowing that there is nothing wrong with you as a person, and you just got to be the target, you get through it better.

I read it and I disagree wholeheartedly.

I was bullied myself. It was really bad, and I spent hours and hours in my room crying.
I needed teachers to make the bullies go home so they don't get me after school.
I ran from them on foot, while they were on bikes.
I got hit, and even followed to the toilet.
They did everything to get me down and to have me feel bad.
They made kids in my neighbourhood dislike me.
They beat up my brothers.
And and and...

It was not an easy time
I had to get tough and that was all.

It was partly my fault, and partly their stupidity.
I did not fit in because I was too smart and not interested in their shit at all, and that made me a target. They were ignorant fools and I was too young to know how to react.

But I changed myself:
After we moved away from the old place, into the big city, I still came back to visit a friend sometimes. On the way I usually met some assholes from my old school. The last time one of them opened their mouth was this scenario:
Boy on bike out of fist reach: "URGH Leeeelaaaaaa!"
Me: "Get down from your bike you chicken, and I show you 'urgh leela'!"
He then rather left me alone.
I did that in such an agressive tone, that the word must have spread. I was never again approached haha

What did I do after we moved away and it was about to continue in my new school?
I fucking changed myself!
I checked out the cool kids, I checked out what they did and I reflected on my own behaviour.
And slowly I started changing.
And guess what, I didn't only survive, I wasn't afraid of school anymore, I just went there, I even made friends....
What did I change? Just small quirks of mine. Not my personality.
Small quirks and I stopped wearing the clothes my mother bought me! hahaha. Some where so bad, unbelievable Big Grin

If you do it as the guy in the article states, you end up a victim, and you will suffer from it for the rest of your life.
If you reflect on yourself WHILE knowing that the stuff in the article is correct to, to a certain degree, and then you change your behaviour just a little. You are in charge, you are not a victim anymore. Yes, that's not a lazy solution, but it is much more healthy!!!


"Freedom is the freedom to say that 2+2=4" - George Orwell (in 1984)
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