Burqa Ban
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08-10-2010, 12:09 PM
RE: Burqa Ban
(06-10-2010 12:24 PM)TruthAddict Wrote:  I think the point is that we must not assume that just because the issue of burqas is being brought up in a modernized, liberal country, such as France, we cannot assume that the same extremism that exists in the Middle East does not exist in there. Just because it is in France does not mean that the women are generally free to act as they please.

Is it not possible, however, for a woman to genuinely want to wear a burqa?

Yes, that was exactly my point in posting the story. Muslims who conform to Sharia law over the national law are found everywhere, not just in the middle-east. Even in France muslim women are forced to conform to what they are told to do, without consent
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11-10-2010, 07:07 PM
RE: Burqa Ban
"Real men don't need to hide their wives beneath a Burqa."

I agree with the Ban. Islam isn't entitled to special rights and privileges, simply because the edicts of their faith impart the message their men are like unto humping dogs, who can't stand to see a woman dressed as herself, for want of feeling the urge to pounce her.
If they want to live in a country where their women are forced by law to dress like black circus tents with eyes, they should stay in those countries where that kind of law is already in place. Not immigrate to free nations, and then demand those nations comport to become like unto the Muslim ones.

Then again, with a propensity for actively setting a believer on, BOOM! In order to posit a pro-active Muslim political agenda, goes a long way in persuading policy. Confused

That's why I think it's a matter of wrong spelling. Islam is a religion of pieces.

That's just so wrong.
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