But I still had fun though
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20-05-2017, 06:57 AM
RE: But I still had fun though
(20-05-2017 06:43 AM)Leerob Wrote:  @Loom a woodship crate? Wtf?

Also I heard from other people that the zipline places they went to, had break systems. In the park where I go, they just tell you to grab the line behind the rolling thing if you want to slow down. (You are not allowed on the course without gloves) But if I'd have tried that, I would have burnt through that glove in seconds and then what.

But yea I am getting better. A day after the accident, the people from the zipline place called to check how I am doing (and probably to see if I want to sue).

Currently I am getting better pretty fast. I was going on one crutch on Friday and at home could do slow without crutches. Then Friday I was a bit dumb and hurt my muscle a bit while also having stopped taking the pain meds so last night I was in a lot of pain.
Took the meds again this morning and am now walking mainly upright. Can't really lean back on chairs or so but baby steps I guess.

I am still stunned how nice and helpful everybody was last week. Helping me in the canteen at work. Even the restaurant staff was carrying my plate to the table and so on.

Yup, woodchips. Those are the brakes (and you're either supposed to dig your heels into em or make a running-landing). Much better than landing on solid ground, but boy it still hurts if you crash and they ended up in all the wrong places!

Keep taking it easy! I treated myself to some nice hot baths the following days, which helped ease some soreness.

Ignorance is not to be ignored.
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20-05-2017, 11:06 AM
RE: But I still had fun though
Oh wow ok. yea the zip lines in my park go from one platform in a tree to another platform in a tree. They have it "softened" with mats but yeah, high speed is high speed. it will still hurt.

hot bath actually sounds great right now but the tub is hard and will hurt my muscle if I sit in and lean back. I will treat myself to a hot shower later though Big Grin

Captain Underpants
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