CFI Conference June 11 - 15
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22-05-2015, 11:29 AM
CFI Conference June 11 - 15
Anyone going to the upcoming Centre For Inquiry (CFI) Conference in NY in June?

The theme is "Reason for change" and one of South Africa's (my country) most prominent secular activists will be going there.

We don't have any real movement here, Jaques Rosseau is perhaps the only one with a humanist orgainzation, promoiting secular ideals, most of our atheists can be found in news media opinon sections or forums and it's mostly the whole angry atheist vs creationists things, with quite a few facebook gorups.

In our country it was impossible to get a recognized as a secular marriage officer - the only way to become one was either if you were ordained by a church (oh btw the ULC is not recognized here, so no go) or become an officer of the court, however, Jacques started his Free Society Institute which is a registered NGO and one of the big things he managed to do is to become a "religious institution" for legal purposes in order to get the authority to let people become secular marraige officers through the FSI.

One of the workshops there will be on training secular marriage officiants and I'm hoping this will go some way in helping the guy beginning some kind of programme here, as I think they only have like two marriage officers currently.

I aslo know that his organization is also the only South African member organization with the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

I'm a proud supporter of the FSI and I wish Jacques good luck on his trip and I also wish everyone going good luck as well
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