CRAP! Suspicions confirmed. Nephew being taught junk "science".
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15-12-2012, 08:12 AM
CRAP! Suspicions confirmed. Nephew being taught junk "science".
A little back story. My sister is a christian. The schools in her area aren't the best. Her son [age 13] is very small for his age, and because of the rough area she's in, my sister was afraid of him going to public schools, so opted to pay for a private christian school. I didn't like the idea, but it isn't my call. Not my kids.

Lastnight, he came up to me to tell me that he scared his sister [age 7] with a short cartoon on his DS that was talking about the Mayans "end of the earth prediction", and was showing a meteor coming to earth to kill everyone [which isn't the point of this thread]. He showed me the video, and in it, it mentioned the theory of the event that killed off many species ~65 million years ago. I said, "that's probably how it happened, back then".

It was at this time that he said, "No it didn't. . . . . The earth is only 7,000 years old"!! Because he isn't MY son, and because my sister is more likely to believe YEC, it wasn't my place [I felt] to clear up the misconceptions. The only thing I COULD do was to say, "That isn't the case. There is nothing in the bible that states an age of the earth. The date you stated is just an interpretation based upon the list of geneology. It is okay to believe this now, but it isn't what is true, and you will learn more about that later".

That was a paraphrase, but generally what I had said. It really sucks because I know he is falling into the same trap I did. Believing absurd religious claims. . . and will have to face reality in the future. Again, not my son, so I feel my hands are tied here.
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CRAP! Suspicions confirmed. Nephew being taught junk "science". - DeavonReye - 15-12-2012 08:12 AM
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