CRAP! Suspicions confirmed. Nephew being taught junk "science".
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03-01-2013, 07:41 AM
RE: CRAP! Suspicions confirmed. Nephew being taught junk "science".
This is my first post to this forum. Just want to say my sister and brother in law work for a Christian Missianary organization, and home schooled their kids. The last time I visited them about 3 years ago (we live 3000 miles apart) they had a world history timeline hanging on the wall going back 7000 years to the creation of the earth and dinosaurs. I did take my nephew and niece to a real Science Museum one time and there was a replicas of the Lucy fossil. My nephew told me it was fake, and carbon dating is inaccurate. I told him that things in a real science museum have to go through an intensive review process, but left it there.

Anyway, at the time I was still not quite given up on faith, and this was one of the things that kind of pushed me over the edge. If my own sister could become this much of a fundamentalist (after growing up in a more liberal mainline Protestant church), I didn't want this to happen to my kids. My mom had also brought some Intellegent Design videos to show my kids when she came to visit a few years ago.. I didn't let my kids watch it, and it wasn't long after that I came out to my wife as a non believer.

I'm about the same age as Seth and can really relate a lot to his journey. I'll try to post more about my coming out of faith story to another thread.

Regarding how I deal with my neice and nephew, so far my sister has been great since I told them I was no longer a Christian. I'd rather have a good relationship with them that to instigate arguments, and I'll respect their right as parents to teach their kids. If I am asked questions, I'll give honest answers. But since I don't live nearby, I don't have much contact to begin with.
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