Call of Cthulhu Recruitment
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06-04-2010, 03:54 PM
Call of Cthulhu Recruitment
So I'm wondering if you guys are interested in playing CoC.

Call of Cthulhu is a horror-themed RPG based on the premise that there are Things Which Man Was Not Meant To Know... and that some Men went and Knowed Them Anyway. The only people who can stop the resultant chaos and horror are the PCs - the Investigators.
But Call of Cthulhu differs significantly from Dungeons & Dragons in that it is not combat-oriented. The vast majority of encounters in CoC are beyond the capabilities of any human to handle. The Elder Things and their spawn are vastly more powerful than almost any other things that have ever walked the stars, and only the mightiest of humans can hope to keep them at bay, let alone face them in battle and walk away alive.
So Call of Cthulhu revolves more around roleplay, stealth and investigation rather than combat. Of course, the things you investigate are of the variety of Things Which You Were Not Meant To Know, which brings us to the next main point of the CoC game: Sanity.
Most things you encounter in CoC will damage your Sanity as well as your body. And your Sanity is every bit as important as your body; if it gives out, you're as much done as if your head had been ripped off.
But, of course, you're a foolhardy Investigator, and no threat of insanity or dismemberment is going to keep you away from that book - no matter how many people warn you to stay away.

So here's how to create your Investigator:


Strength determines the physical strength of the Investigator. It influences the amount of damage you do in melee combat, as well as your ability to carry equipment and force doors. To determine your Strength, roll 3d6 and add them together.

Constitution determines the physical hardiness of the Investigator. It influences the amount of physical damage you can take before falling unconscious or dying, as well as your ability to perform strenuous tasks continuously.To determine your Constitution, roll 3d6 and add them together.

Dexterity is your speed and reflexes. Roll 3d6 and add them together to calculate Dexterity.

Size is the size of the Investigator's frame. To determine your Size, roll 2d6 and add 6.

Intelligence the Investigator's intelligence. Roll 2d6 and add 6.

Power is the Investigator's mental strength. It functions like a combination of Charisma and Wisdom in D&D. It determines both the force of your personality, your ability to cast spells, and your ability to withstand the sanity-blasting effects of exposure to the Mythos. Roll 3d6 and add them together.

Appearance is your physical attractiveness (or, alternately, how imposing you are), as well as your ability to charm (or intimidate) others. Roll 3d6.

The level of education that your Investigator has received, whether formally or through street learning. Roll 3d6.

Feel free to swap the values of any Attributes which use the same dice combination to determine them. For example, you could swap your values of Appearance and Education, but not Appearance and Size.


The Investigator's ability to make logical leaps and come up with plans from limited information. It takes the form of a percentile value equal to your Intelligence times five.

Similar to Idea, but stemming from your Education. It is equal to your Education times five.

Used as a catch-all for last chances, saves and desperate situations, Luck is equal to your Power times five.

Hit Points
These need no explanation. To determine your hit points, add your Size and Constitution, divide by two and round up.

Magic Points
Initially equal to your Power, Magic Points are consumed when the Investigator casts spells. If they reach zero, the Investigator falls unconscious until they are recovered.

Initially equal to Power times five, your Sanity is a kind of secondary hit point system. It can never be greater than 99 - your Cthulhu Mythos skill, but it can go up and down within that range. If it reaches zero, you go insane, and are effectively dead. The higher your Sanity, the easier it is to avoid going insane... but the more you lose, the easier it is to lose more.

Damage Bonus
To determine your melee damage bonus, add your Strength and Size and consult the following table:

* 2<->12: -1d6
* 13<->16: -1d4
* 17<->24: +0
* 24<->32: +1d4
* 33<->40: +1d6


Next you need to determine your Investigator's occupation. While the occupation itself has no bearing on gameplay, it's good for additional characterization. Once you figure out your occupation, choose eight skills from the skill list below to represent your "occupational skills". You cannot select Cthulhu Mythos as a skill, though; all Investigators start off entirely ignorant of the Mythos.
Each skill you select has a number in parentheses next to it. This is its Base Chance, which is taken as a base value for the skill.
Multiply your Education value by 15. You have this many points to spend on your occupational skills. The only limit is that no starting skill can have a value greater than 75. Any points you spend on the skills are added to the Base Chance to find the final value.
Now you get Hobby Skills. Choose any number of them. You get EDU x10 points to spend on them. Again, you can't choose Cthulhu Mythos. Be sure to pick up on a few combat skills like Gun and Sword as well.


Now you just need to come up with the details of your character. What's their name? Their age? Height? Weight? Sex? Backstory? What's their family like? Et cetera.


Accounting (10)
Anthropology (1)
Archaeology (1)
Art (5)
Astronomy (1)
Bargain (5)
Biology (1)
Chemistry (1)
Climb (40)
Conceal (15)
Craft ([profession]) (5)
Credit Rating (15)
Cthulhu Mythos (0)
Disguise (1)
Dodge (Dex x2)
Drive Auto (20)
Electric Repair (10)
Fast Talk (5)
First Aid (30)
Geology (1)
Hide (10)
History (20)
Jump (25)
Law (5)
Library Use (25)
Listen (25)
Locksmith (1)
Martial Arts (1)
Mechanical Repar (20)
Medicine (5)
Natural History (10)
Navigate (10)
Occult (5)
Operate Heavy Machinery (1)
Other Language (1)
Own Language (EDU x5)
Persuade (15)
Pharmacy (1)
Photography (10)
Physics (1)
Pilot ([vehicle]) (1)
Psychoanalysis (1)
Psychology (5)
Ride (5)
Sneak (10)
Spot Hidden (25)
Swim (25)
Throw (25)
Track (10)

Handgun (20)
Machine Gun (15)
Rifle (25)
Shotgun (30)
SMG (15)

Sword (10)
Spear (5)
Punch (20)
Kick (20)
Other Melee (5)

Grapple (5)

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06-04-2010, 08:46 PM
RE: Call of Cthulhu Recruitment
Now if only I had friends....

Last time I played a game like this, my brother got way to competitive, ended with my mother and brother getting into an argument at one A.M.

Sounds like a cool game though.

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