Camping story...includes my grandmothers possibly muddied family line
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26-03-2016, 12:10 PM (This post was last modified: 26-03-2016 12:15 PM by edbaldwin.)
Camping story...includes my grandmothers possibly muddied family line
Fair warning. I'm going to tell the long version because this also happens to be my happiest camping memory. Grandma's story is actually kind of short but shocking if you think about how things used to be.

When I was a very young child, maybe 3 years old we started camping at Tippy Dam in Brethern MI. A lot of us would go. Mostly maternal side and my dad.
It's a traditon I still involve my family in. I'm 42.
My very elderly grandma Pearl and my mom still loved to camp there even after most of their family had either passed or just stopped going.
Pearl loved going so much that at the age of 94 she had a lot of trouble getting in and out of my 5th wheel camper. She scooted up the stairs backward on her butt and then stood up once she got in. So the following year my kids and I surprised her by buying a bunch of material that we could fit in the camper and construct a ramp for her. We planned it so mom and grandma would show up a day behind me and my sons.
We got to work on the ramp the morning they would arrive. We got to work with the
2x4's, 4x4's, plywood, screws. My kids even helped me figure out the best way to build it. A few hours in and we were done. Mom and grandma arrived about 10 minutes before we finished. Grandma was happy she could use her walker to get in and out of the camper. I was proud and happy that my kids helped make it possible for them to enjoy what turned out to be the last trip to Tippy Dam for both of them. I hope they remember doing that for her and reflecting back to it with their kids at the same place.

Now to Pearl's story.
One night we were sitting around the fire and grandma was telling stories. The same ones we had heard many times. Including the story about my aunt that I'm going to tell you. I went and got the video camera without grandma knowing. I stood off to the side a bit so she wouldn't see me. I wanted to record the event as real as I could.
She told us how at the hospital when my aunt Della was born there was also a woman named Mrs. Poopore. Not sure about the spelling but I'm sure about the name.Smile
Apparently my aunt was a light feeder. Gm would often have to snap her on the hand to keep her awake enough to breastfeed. Mrs. Poopores's baby, on the other hand, was very hungry and excited to eat. The babies looked very similar because when the nurses brought them their babies one day, Pearls baby dove right in to eat. Mrs. Poopore's baby was uninterested. Grandma and Mrs. Poopore thought it was strange.
Later that day they were still having this issue. They agreed that the nurses gave them the wrong children and agreed to swap them. So, just like that they both might have broken the family tree. Or, their motherly intuitions straightened a nurse's mistake.
It would be interesting to find out through DNA testing. I'm sure no one want's to possibly open a can of worms though.
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26-03-2016, 01:06 PM
RE: Camping story...includes my grandmothers possibly muddied family line
Great story! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you'll share some others.

My grandmother that I posted about in my thread was quite old when I was growing up. She was hunched over and my dad would tease her and call her, "Old Lady Hobble-Gobble" (not sure where that came from). She would give him a whack with her cane on his shins. She took no sass from anyone. She was also quite well known as a gardener and her yard was perfection. She had a dandelion digger that she used mercilessly on weeds to dig them up from the roots. It was a pole about 4' long with a sharply forked pronged end. Quite deadly to weeds.

My dad got a call one day from my uncle and he explained that grandma was going to be in the papers tomorrow. It seems that when she walked downtown to do her shopping (this was in the late 60's and she only wore very prim old lady dresses, sturdy and heavy black shoes and carried a big black handbag firmly tucked under her arm) she was hobbling down the sidewalk and a mugger thought she looked an easy target. He came up from behind her, grabbed her handbag to jerk it away from her and run off. But grandma held tight and swung him around, he fell to the concrete and she beat him with her cane until he let go and ran off. A man down the street saw what happened and ran towards her so when the mugger ran by him he grabbed him and held him for the police. The mugger was arrested. He was black & blue and a bit bloodied.

My dad laughed so hard tears welled in his eyes as he said, "that thug is damn lucky... if she'd had her dandelion digger with her (as she was want to do sometimes instead of her cane) she would have killed him. We all agreed about that.

The story was in the paper the nest. I used to have a copy no longer. She was quite proud of herself. Smile

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