Can Anybody Recommend A Good Book On Nikola Tesla?
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08-09-2014, 03:46 PM
Can Anybody Recommend A Good Book On Nikola Tesla?
I'm looking for a good bio on Nikola Tesla, and figured I would ask for some recommendations. I'm looking for something that focuses on his life, and not a bunch of technical details. I get annoyed when people write biographies and go off on tangents. I get this a lot when I read biographies about musicians, especially jazz musicians. Authors will go off on tangents about music theory and talking about different scales and chord progressions. I find this annoying because most people that read a biography on Charlie Parker probably don't know much about music theory and have no interest in it. I'm a musician myself and know a lot of music theory, but when I buy a biography on Charlie Parker, I'm buying it because I want to learn about the man about his life. Are there any Tesla books that you would recommend?

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