Can God be Unknowable?
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28-05-2011, 12:33 PM
RE: Can God be Unknowable?
(27-05-2011 12:38 PM)Fear Culture Wrote:  
(26-05-2011 10:21 PM)godofskeptic Wrote:  
(26-05-2011 06:18 PM)Fear Culture Wrote:  Wouldn't an unknowable god be a little pointless? In a day to day context? I mean why worship an unknowable? I listen to the podcast but I've missed this guy. Does he believe in the Bible, in Jesus etc.., Otherwise it's deism and that's pretty harmless.

No, he believes in Bahaullah! He is a follower of Baha'i Faith. He believes that Jesus, Mohammed, Bahaullah,... are the manifestations of god. ( is a blog that debunk Baha'i faith)

Ahh, the Baha'i. Which means you have a 'knowable' god through the messengers. If you can't 'know' the god through its messengers then how do you know these messengers are not just mentally ill or charlatans? Sorry Baha'i followers, if it looks like cheese, smells like cheese and tastes like cheese calling it grapefruit doesn't change the fact that it's still (most likely) cheese.

LOL TRUE! It is funny that Baha'is think Bahaullah (their prophet) is the return of Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna,....... According to them, Bahaullah is the "promised one" LOL Confused He is the one that people have been waiting for! You don't believe me! read this:
Angel haha
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