Can we all agree on some government programs?
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30-10-2012, 08:15 PM
Can we all agree on some government programs?
I think the role of the government should be to offer aid and support to those who don't have the means to support themselves. I was wondering if we can come to agreement (on this forum) of necessary programs that the government should have.

I'll start with an obvious one in the wake of Katrina and now Sandy: FEMA

Individuals affected by global disasters need help and money. Most people aren't lucky enough to have enough in the bank to rebuild their entire house. People need food, temporary shelter, water, medical aid, etc. I think this is the easiest one to start with as far as coming to an agreement.

The next one, I think, would be the FDA. Though I think it needs a serious restructuring.

The idea of a group in charge of fact checking claims put forth by mega-corporations trying to make money off people is a great idea. But instead of just telling us what's in each food item and making sure it's free of poisons, the FDA should ban companies from using misleading claims. "Energy drinks" should have warnings that it's just a can of sugar. "Health foods" loaded with crap should be made obvious, such as "granola bars" that are just sugar and chocolate.

And to pay for whatever programs we put in place, we'll need some sort of tax organization. Definitely not the IRS, because they carry the stigma of being a hybrid of the mafia mixed with the Spanish Inquisition. At times, they seem to be a super power that transcends all other laws, like the Catholic Church at the height of its power. You can't question the word of the IRS.

Thoughts? Are roads, public education, and police a go-ahead as well? Or are there better alternatives?

What programs to you are no-brainers?

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Can we all agree on some government programs? - Buddy Christ - 30-10-2012 08:15 PM
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