Can you provide some debating tips?
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16-06-2013, 03:11 PM
Can you provide some debating tips?
I like to debate in person,but i suck at it. If i debate online,i usually do a bit of fact-checking before i post,but in a oral debate you can't do that.
How in the world does hitchins debate like that?
And usually my research is in english,and when i debate,i procces the info to my native language. This has the result that i use words of wich i know the meaning,but not the translation in my language,wich results in "lags".
Any tips on how to get more fluent?

And then,how do you find out wich translation a christian uses? I mean how can the christian find that out? I was in a debate,i showed him the contradiction of genesis chapter 1&2 on a ebook,and then he answered "that is not how its written in my bible at home". So i asked him what translation he used,as i read the King James version only,and he was like "THE ORIGINAL VERSION" and i facepalmed....
Is it written somewhere on the bible itself?

And how do you counter this argument?
"you atheist THINK you are good and moral,but morality is the set of rules provided by god,so you are not moral"

i have debated a few times with people,and it is amazing that sometimes i know more about the bible in general and the content in it than christians...

And another question. The theist here often go to the spiritual side asking how do some things work in winti culture(strange,voodoo-like culture,but less negative). I do not believe in it,but i practically know nothing about it,so i cant argue with it. Most of the time they come with something like this:" my relative went to the sjaman to get herself healed,and she was better in 2 days"
"if the supernatural doesnt exist,then why do so many people go to it? If it didnt work,then surely people wouldnt go there and pay huge sums of money(yes,people pay up to 10.000 to get "healed".)"

i usually say to the latter one that people pay huge sums of money to see "magic tricks" in the circus,but that doesnt mean it is real.

And a last one. I came accross a parody one time. Paper religion or tissue religion. If im not wrong i heard it in a podcast. It said something like "this paper(or tissue) is true because it is written on it that its true" to mock the people that say"my holy book is true because it says so"
something like that. There was supposed to be a site about it,but i never found it. Know it?

I don't really like going outside.
It's too damn "peopley" out there....
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