Capitalism and Christianity
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14-06-2012, 06:12 AM
RE: Capitalism and Christianity
(12-06-2012 06:11 PM)Mr Woof Wrote:  Throughout Christianity there has been a strong link between the monied class (Royalty, consorts etc) and the Church leaders who generally, more or less, supported one another in a shared ruling of the masses. It was of value to both groups to maintain a cowered fearfull peasantry and religion and the military achieved both ends.

After the Reformation the serving classes were encouraged to read their Bibles rather than simply listen to the priests and this could be seen as achieving some degree of autonomy. Far from it, as Max Weber indicated,those peasants forced from the land to work in industrialized England were encouraged to work hard and long and for very little in order to please God, and thus perhaps be judged favourably for eternal life.

The bulk of Christianity has encouraged a placid master serving people who turn the other cheek when confronted, obey their betters who have God's ear, obey Caesor (existing government) and be meek and mild until such people eventually rule the world. In other words Christianity has bred a compliant people and a ruling class who has taken advantage of the former;of late by utilizing a gross consumer oriented ideology

Today, as in the Middle Ages, Christianity co exists awkwardly with capitalism by providing a sop to the masses many of whom are exploted without even knowing it. Moslem terrorism means that Mother Church must sadly give support to the weapons lobby in order to fight the good fight, while hating to have to do so. Where Christianity condemns gambling, vice, greed, cruely, violence,gluttony, drugs, perversity etc it gets its bread buttered here needing the dark aspects of nature to push its own entrepreneurial dogmas. Here we have two polarised systems both of which parodoxically help one another the further they go.

Corrupt mega capitalism, like a devil in its own right implores its sporn to engage in more and more endless sensual delights to obtain a multitude of pleasures along with their antidotes which may also be purchased. For example, the grossly obese, when things become too dangerous, can opt for lap band surgery, lipo suction, or maybe perform in Biggest Loser, while still supporting the ecomomy. This scenario may me appled to a great many areas where we see Big Brother organize, dis organize then re organize our lives again and again in some bizarre vicious circle.

Perhaps this is the way most of us are, fodder for clever people to use..................As Neitzsche pointed out the simpering led masses would always be dangerous servile and their own worst enemy. If the masters are corrupt and their servants borderline idiots then all we who can, can do individually at least, is become overmen and women in our own rights using our ability to think as best and decently we can.
Wow! Well written!
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14-06-2012, 06:45 AM
RE: Capitalism and Christianity
Hey, Woof.

Quote:I believe that dogma destroys dialogue...

Well said.

Dogma, hegemony, the common sense view, the sacred, certainty, the inviolable, received wisdom, these are all things that bring the conversation and thus the exploration, to a halt.

Ideology is unavoidable, but discourse is the eternal vigilance that prevents it from becoming, well, something shitty Cool

Peace and Love and Empathy,

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