Caterpillars! :'D
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08-12-2016, 01:59 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2016 02:13 PM by Loom.)
RE: Caterpillars! :'D
Story time!


When I was about 9 years old, I found a fuzzy white moth (looked like the one in the pic) on our deck rail that seemed dead. I dug a tiny grave in our backyard and buried the little thing into the dirt and put a pebble on top.

Fast forward a few days, I was making a stick fort by our house. When I went to pick up a stick near the 'grave', I noticed the pebble had little white flecks on it. Upon closer inspection, I realized thos flecks were actually really, reaaaaally teensy tiny caterpillars.

Excited, I gathered the pebble and put it in a glass jar with some soil and a couple twigs. I gathered a random assortment of green leaves and stuck them inside before sealing it with plastic wrap, unsure of what the caterpillars liked.

Well, they seemed to like the leaves well enough. Every day, I systematically gathered green leaves on my way home from school. I keenly observed my caterpillars. Some died initially, but about 5 lived and grew. It was awesome to watch what was at first nothing more than a little spec turn into a much bigger, fluffy brown/orange caterpillars. I loved watching them neatly demolish my leaf offerings.

They were starting to get too big for their little glass jar, so I convinced my mom to let me use one of our collapsable laundry hampers. I transfered them over carefully, leaves and all, and upgraded their twigs with a good sized stick.

One day, a couple caterpillars had climbed up the stick and were hanging upside-down. Realizing what was happening, I reserved a corner of the top bunk of my bed so they wouldn't be disturbed. No one was allowed up there but me.

Over the next few days all 5 found their spot on the stick and spun around themselves a rough brown cocoon. I guarded them fiercely! >:0

Finally, after weeks of care, the first fuzzy white moth emerged. The rest followed suit rather quickly. They all hung from their cocoons while they filled their wings, fluttering them occasionally. It was bittersweet to see. The time had come to let them fly.

And so, I brought the laundry hamper to our backyard deck. I opened the top and watched while, one by one, each moth stretched their wings and took to the air. I tried to watch where they flew as long as I could, but eventually they all disappeared into the trees. I was sad, but I knew they were where they belonged.

I dumped the hamper's contents by a tree and shook it out, so that it could resume it's normal duties. The pebble that I'd first found the caterpillars on fell out, and I decided to keep it.

I still have that pebble, some 14 years later Smile

I hope you have fun with your little 'pillars too!

Ignorance is not to be ignored.
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12-12-2016, 03:08 AM
RE: Caterpillars! :'D
So um, I can't post any good pictures right now because my phone is cruel. Sad

But I swear, there's this one caterpillar that just loves hanging out on the lid. He freakin' loves it. He's almost always up there. He even molted up there just now. There's dead caterpillar skin hanging out on it with him now.

Everyone else is just hanging out down there doing their thing and he's in love with the lid.
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29-12-2016, 12:28 AM
RE: Caterpillars! :'D
So, uh... a few days ago I let my new butterflies out, free in the outside world!

... 4 outta 5 made it. My dog ate one and my brother was an accomplice to the butterfly murder. :c
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