Catholic Church Coverup Continues
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14-11-2017, 08:49 AM
RE: Catholic Church Coverup Continues
I suppose some of us took it for granted that everyone agrees that hurting children is the most unforgivable act. The reaction to the Church abuse scandal (wait a few news cycles and for a new pope and everything is forgiven) and the almost fanatical defense of Roy Moore ("arrest the victims!") makes it clear: a lot of people love their tribe more than they do the children in that tribe.
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14-11-2017, 10:53 AM
RE: Catholic Church Coverup Continues
(14-11-2017 08:48 AM)OakTree500 Wrote:  How in any realm do the local diocese have any authority over the police force? I get having "internal investigation" but how are the Police just not walking into these places and arresting them/charging them/sending them to prison ?

It's typically just not reported. Of course, this involves the church telling the victims to not report it. Colleges do a lot of this same shit, too. In both cases, it tends to involve not wanting bad press for the broader organization.

Of course "rapes happen, and we fully cooperate with the authorities to put an end to it" looks way better than "we cover up rapes because we don't want to look bad".
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15-11-2017, 12:19 PM
RE: Catholic Church Coverup Continues
(13-11-2017 11:47 PM)Robvalue Wrote:  What will it take for people to stop sending money to this horrendous institution? Sad

Maybe we should ask Shai Hulud. Consider

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15-11-2017, 01:08 PM
RE: Catholic Church Coverup Continues
Each time this comes up, my mind goes back to the Priest who married us. I have to say if there is such a thing of godliness, this man actually had it. He was kind, gracious and humble. He was always like that. He cared truly about people. After we married, he was transferred to Boston, in the early 90s, he lasted a year and promptly retired from the priesthood (and we heard rumors that he left the church). This was shortly before the scandal went viral. He returned to the bay area, volunteering his time in area homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

My husband (who works in the medical field) saw him years later at the hospital, and he remembered us and was thrilled we were still married, he made a joke about it. They were talking my husband asked him why he retired, he wasn't really that old. He said simply that the church disappointed him and was letting everyone down 'especially the most vulnerable'. He couldn't play the politics, and be part of what was going on any longer and felt he could more good not being a priest.

My husband came home from work that night very upset by the conversation -- he was back into the catholic thing at that time (something he's gone back and forth with). But that was when I realized how huge this thing must be. If it was so bad that it made a good priest quit -- I can only imagine what he saw or heard and the scope of how many and deeply this whole thing was.

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