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02-03-2011, 09:46 PM
Sorry if this has been suggested already, but maybe we should get a shoutbox/chatbox? A chatbox is a little box that goes at the bottom or top of a site where members can basically instant message with anybody that's looking at the page.

The two downsides i see to a cbox is that depending on how your members are, they might start speaking more in the box than in other threads, which is bad. It might also be bad because there's the possibility that, this being an atheist forum, we might have a lot of debates going to the cbox, which is much messier.

On the other hand, it might increase activity. A cbox would give members a place to just talk when they have something to say that isn't worthy of a new thread. If they have a place to talk to everyone, they'll end up staying on the page, which increases the chances of them posting elsewhere. It's also good because it makes the site look more active if members are posting in the chatbox and a visitor sees it. Lastly, maybe best of all, it brings the community closer together.

For an example, try http://www.chatango.com . Installing it into the forum should be pretty easy too.
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