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05-08-2012, 02:26 PM
RE: Chatlog thread
(05-08-2012 01:01 PM)Vosur Wrote:  You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like religion.

You: Hey there

Stranger: hi

You: Are you religious? And if so, what religion do you belong to?

Stranger: Hinduism

You: Interesting. Do you mind discussing about your religion?

Stranger: do you want to know anything

You: Yeah. I'm interested in your reasons for believing in god(s).

Stranger: i dont knw why but i just know i do

You: Are you saying that you have no reason at all to believe in what you believe in?

Stranger: i do have i am just lazy to debate

You: Well, one reason would be enough for me

Stranger: ahh i am not sure

You: You can't name a single reason?

Stranger: oh well ia m sorry not in the mood now

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I like his honesty.

Skepticism is not a position; it is an approach to claims.
Science is not a subject, but a method.
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06-08-2012, 11:31 AM
RE: Chatlog thread
Stranger: Ok
Stranger: Everything
You: well
You: i dont have everything
Stranger: Really
Stranger: Sure?
You: depends
You: i sure dont own a house
You: or a car
You: or have a phone
You: so thats something
You: i dont have
Stranger: O o
Stranger: Not material possessions
You: oh u believe in a deity dont u
Stranger: Tell me wat u have
You: depends on what u want to know
Stranger: Everyone does
You: i'm an atheist
Stranger: Actually depends on what u have and among them wat u can give...
You: no deity
Stranger: Its like this--- sth u cant explain or u donno -- we call it got
Stranger: Simple
Stranger: God is not some person or faith
Stranger: Fate is god
Stranger: ....
You: oj
You: so when you children die its god
You: when your
You: wife leaves u
You: its god
You: when war breaks out
You: its god
Stranger: O o
Stranger: I think we better change topic.. What say
You: sure
Stranger: I don believe in idol worship
You: neither do i
You: being atheist
You: no belief in anything
You: thought that would be obvious
Stranger: Wat i feel is there is some power > mankind sth preter natural and thats is god
You: anecdotal fallacy
Stranger: Y do u think so
Stranger: Huh
You: what u feel does not make something true
You: very simple
You: i feel the sky
You: is purple
You: its not
Stranger: Ofcourse
Stranger: But wat if u feel sky is blue Wink
You: well
Stranger: As simple as that
You: is there something to prove it
You: yes
You: look up
You: its blue
You: but thats an illusion
You: made by our oceans
You: so its also a lie
You: hmm
Stranger: Ofcourse but u were just mentioning about the color thats it
You: yeah
Stranger: Though its a mere reflection of water
You: and continuing to us it as a metaphor for god
You: and how the blue is just an illusion
You: like god
Stranger: Ok wait
Stranger: So do u have ans for everything
You: hmm
You: depends if you do
Stranger: Every damn question
Stranger: Huh
Stranger: Nobody hast
Stranger: Has*
Stranger: its the limitation
You: ah
Stranger: We have to stop at a point
You: so now its god of the gaps
You: what we dont know is god eh
Stranger: U know how earth formed
Stranger: Y did it
You: yep
You: meteors crushing together
Stranger: Yep thats wat u donno is god
You: ok
You: so 150 years ago
Stranger: And y did they do so
You: flight
You: is impossible
You: now is commonplace
You: so
You: god of the gaps indeed
Stranger: Wat is life and wat is death
You: living and stopping
You: simple
You: time to do what you want
You: not what others believe you should
You: respect the people around you
Stranger: Good
You: the fear of death hold you back
Stranger: Its simple to say there will be a day wen knows everything
You: yep
You: eventually
Stranger: Wen man knows*
You: we will
You: given eternity everything that can be done will be done. its very simple
Stranger: Ok u win and i dint lose
Stranger: Its just a point of view
You: k
Stranger: It cant be changed though...
You: wasnt trying to win though
You: just trying to make u think
Stranger: I know .. But same here
Stranger: Want u to think
Stranger: But pls leave it
so this is a small section of a chat the rest was about the olympics oddly enough

When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.

You cannot successfully determine beforehand which side of the bread to butter.
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08-08-2012, 01:39 PM
RE: Chatlog thread
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like religion.

Stranger: hmm yeah fuck you

Stranger: you theist

You: Hm?

Stranger: i'm going to kill god

You: For that to be possible he would have to exist

Stranger: he exists but our god is better

You: Whose god?

Stranger: mine god

You: Which is?

Stranger: vishnu

You: Hinduism, huh?

Stranger: yeah not exactly but close

You: Why do you believe in Vishnu?

Stranger: because i can feel his presence and guidance flow in my body

You: Can you feel his guidance in the early morning?

Stranger: i meditate and exercise in the early morning so yes

You: I meant something else, but anyway.

What makes you think your god is better than that of anyone else?

Stranger: my god is the only one that really brings peace and salvation to the world, he isn't a liar

You: Your attitude sounds a lot different.

"hmm yeah fuck you"
"i'm going to kill god"
"he exists but our god is better"

Stranger: indeed so ?

You: You're not representing the piece of your god

You: *peace

Stranger: yes he is very peacefull

You: But you are not

You: You're agressive

Stranger: in the name of him and his preservation i have to, only way to bring peace

Stranger: true this way

You: Is it only agression or also violence?

Stranger: never violence !! you can show anger and intimidate

Stranger: never hurt a soul

Stranger: don't you find it strange i talk about Vishnu as a he ?

You: Not really, to be honest

Stranger: many people see him as a her, just wanted to know

You: "It" makes it sound like an object

Stranger: the it is the spirit

Stranger: the it in you

Stranger: truely open the chakra

Stranger: to live

You: I've got a question for you

You: How would you convince a skeptic that your religion is the right one?

Stranger: by showing him the ways of our teachings, meditate with him and find his calling to life. but don't get me wrong it's not only one view or way to master. every person has to find their own way with him

You: But that sounds a lot like the way people of any other religion do it

Stranger: indeed and that's wrong because ?

You: I didn't say it's wrong, did I?

Stranger: you assume it a bit

Stranger: are you mocking my religion, why ?

You: I'm skeptic about the truth of your religion. From what you've told me there is nothing that other religions don't have that would make it valid.

Stranger: well i could show you, but you are behind your pc now. I need to have a personal encounter

Stranger: personal meditation and a long thinking session, i have those regulary

Stranger: no way to show you through a website

You: That's what I'm talking about. Other religions include personal meditation as well.

Stranger: but in different ways

Stranger: it doesn't matter that other religions do this also, it's about the content and context of the meditation

You: Alright then. I've another question regarding this topic. Would you say that there is any scientific evidence for your belief?

You: Or is it all based on personal experiences while meditating?

Stranger: ah this question again, the scientific approach. You probably don't fully understand our 'god' then. It's more of a spirit a natural force an embodiement we call vishnu. We are the creators of it from our true selfs she only exists if you want it

Stranger: she lives not in the sky or in a fairy tale kingdom, she lives in the bodies of all kind of creatures. we need to find her first in it

Stranger: 'she doesn't exist you know'

Stranger: she's merly there

Stranger: and it's up to you to interpret it the way you want

You: That's interesting, to say the least (no sarcasm). Can you tell me how it's different from Hinduism?

Stranger: well hinduism has more different layers to it, you probably know about the concepts of nirwana or enlightment. We don't really think in that straight path and the road you have to take it. We judge it ourselves through our own chakra (energy) It's also a bit looser in ways. As i said about the interpetation part

Stranger: our's is also more of a faith then a religion

You: I'd argue that every religion relies on faith

Stranger: we don't use the terms apostasy and blasphemy

Stranger: also heresy

Stranger: because who is our god ?

Stranger: it's not an entity

Stranger: or being

Stranger: it's an ideology embodied in this way of life which we call it

You: That sounds very abstract

Stranger: i know it sounds that way to you, but once you read our scrolls and lecture it's not so hard to follow
The rest of the conversation was him going on about his religion. *yawn*

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