Chauvet Cave - 40,000 yrs BC
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05-03-2015, 09:13 AM
RE: Chauvet Cave - 40,000 yrs BC
(04-03-2015 03:00 PM)RobbyPants Wrote:  
(04-03-2015 02:56 PM)The Q Continuum Wrote:  I have no idea when the Noahic Flood occurred. I know that you would say man has been around 2-4 million years and that Atlantis and other myths may even indicate modern civilizations may have come and gone and come again.

I thought people have only been around for one or two hundred thousand years. I know nothing of Atlantis.

(04-03-2015 02:56 PM)The Q Continuum Wrote:  But I can ask you, please. The oldest known pottery? Agronomy? Writing? Painting? Cave painting?

Ask me what? How old those things are?

Very good. Modern homo sapiens is thought to have been around perhaps 100,000-200,000 years with some kind of society, societal norms, etc.

Now please visit the ice age/flood thread where we are looking at the evidence for both items within that time period. Thanks!

I'm told atheists on forums like TTA are bitter and angry. If you are not, your posts to me will be respectful, insightful and thoughtful. Prove me wrong by your adherence to decent behavior.
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