Child education and punishment
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25-04-2017, 09:51 PM
RE: Child education and punishment
I don't think there is a one-size fits all approach with kids. Every child (and person) is different. Some respond best to positive reinforcement, and some need to reprimanded. Or a combination of both. Have you ever had to manage people? Honestly, kids are no different. Some employees will walk all over you if you try the positive reinforcement approach, while others will shine and do their best work.

That said, we don't use any physical punishment. It's a big NO in our house. My oldest is better behaved than some adults that I know, so it must be working!

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26-04-2017, 03:32 AM
RE: Child education and punishment
I feel like "punishment" has become a loaded word where we all just immediately think about beating, getting grounded, and other useless and arbitrary ways of "disciplining".

For me it's like this. If my child makes a mistake, cool happens. Give it the chance to make it good again.
If my child knows better and chooses unwanted behaviours (being rude, breaking things, not doing chores, etc) then there needs to be a follow up. And that follow up is what some people call discipline and others call punishment.
I think children absolutely need that - as long as it fits the "crime"

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26-04-2017, 03:44 AM
RE: Child education and punishment
It's also down to the person who perceives what the child is doing as wrong, IE the parents or the teacher.

As an example, in the first year of school, I got pulled aside by my daughters teacher who proceeded to basically tell me off, for my daughters apparent behavior. According to the teacher, my daughter was disruptive and being really silly all the time, and effectively not learning anythingy. To an extent, we believed her, because she is the teacher of course, and we "punished" our daughter for it. [took away some toys/no fun activities for a bit etc].

We later found its basically just that teacher wanting the kids (at 4 years old) to act like there where in a military school, and she said this sort of thing to ALL the parents, whilst making out it was just their kid at fault. That along with our daughter being one of the youngest in the class, [meaning she is't quite as mature as the others], and we suddenly saw there was nothing wrong. She's now in second year with a much nicer teacher who fully "gets" kids and knows my kid is doing just fine.

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