Christ Myth Challenge
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30-06-2012, 09:50 PM
RE: Christ Myth Challenge
(26-06-2012 04:07 AM)free2011 Wrote:  How hard would it be for word of mouth over hundreds of years to turn, "Wow this guy has a good message" to "This guy name Jesus, my friends friends uncles father talked to somebody who said their mom saw him walk on water". Its not hard to develop a character over a long time span with no other method of communciation than word of mouth. Look what we've done with him over a relatively short period of time. He has gone from an olive skinned, short, curly black haired person to a six foot tall, tanned caucasian, with blue eyes, long flowing hair, and a six pack.

That's basically how I see it too: one epic game of telephone.

It becomes really easy to see when you account for how people like to tell stories: exaggerate for emphasis. People do it all the time. Everyone has seen this happen. Hell I'd bet that everyone on this forum (including myself) has been guilty of it at some time or other. In this case you get literally decades, even centuries of exaggerated retellings of the same story until we are left with what we have now. What was once a man holding the head of an epileptic having a seizure until the seizure subsided (and thus "healing" him, or casting out demons or whatever) turned into the son of god curing the blind and rising from the dead.

Everyone has the right to an opinion and to defend that opinion without ridicule.
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