Christian Rock
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25-01-2017, 06:38 AM
RE: Christian Rock
(25-01-2017 06:33 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  
(25-01-2017 06:30 AM)EvolutionKills Wrote:  Uh, no. Nothing kills my boner faster than organized religion.

I'm just saying that 'show me your tits' isn't something you're likely to see and or hear at a Christian Rock concert held at a church. I mean, of course people are fucking in churches; it's practically the international pastime for Catholic clergy...

And -- remember all them girls are dressed up nice, and freshly laundered..


[Image: 1851098_f520.jpg]

[Image: E3WvRwZ.gif]
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26-01-2017, 08:50 PM
RE: Christian Rock
(24-01-2017 09:44 PM)hannaskywalker Wrote:  
(24-01-2017 09:31 PM)Shai Hulud Wrote:  All Around Me is so great.

I Heart that song!

So glad to not be alone in liking it! Also, if you like Flyleaf's sound, some of Plumb's older stuff is nice too. Like "I Can't Do This".

(25-01-2017 03:10 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  So when xtian "rock stars" are out on tour -- how does that work with the groupies????


I suspect it's the same as regular rock stars, they just feel guilty about it afterwards.......

Was it Seth's podcast on behind the scenes in Christian music where someone said, as a guest, "Half of them aren't Christian anyhow"? Given I know someone who used to tour with one of the top ten most popular Christian bands in the industry (not as a member, as part of the support crew) and he ended up in prison for some serious fraud stuff (in his personal life, not with the band in any way), I'd not be shocked if there wasn't even religious guilt for stuff with groupies.

Need to think of a witty signature.
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