Christianity rises and falls on it's myths
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22-12-2013, 08:56 PM
Christianity rises and falls on it's myths
People are in it for themselves, and their offspring and to a lesser extent their group- and those they can be tricked into supporting, but primarily they are in it for themselves, and they want a sense of meaning and a sense of security. They want more than a sense- they want the real thing. This is what religion brings them- or at least it brings them the sense- so if we are to be destroyers of religion- and not simply religion but all idealism and fantasy thinking not based on reality or possibility, it helps to know whence religion derives. We know from experience I'm sure that the more we try to pull religion out from someone, the more they resist. We can't do it that way, nor is it pleasant for us, as joyful destroyers of the illusion. People have the way in which they got into the religion, historically, and they have the dominating factors that sustain their belief in it, consciously and unconsciously. Essentially, religions are systems, and damn clever ones for propagating themselves and resisting destruction. Well well, ho hum. They rise and fall on their basic core myths. If we can connect to people and throw thoughts in their heads that they can't get rid of, perhaps we can pop it, pop the religions. it helps to be men and women of sterling character- for obvious reasons. It gives us credibility. It helps to have standing- to be are respectable member of society or in your profession, though it isn't necessary always. This matters to people somewhat. It's not title that matters, but standing. It shows that religion cannot monopolize virtue- though it may monopolize morality all it pleases as far as I'm concerned. They will see that wait- there's a guy who values modesty and hates pornography for it's own sake, or television, or crass culture- though he didn't believe that Jesus died on the cross or that the bible is the word of yahweh jehova god. And I am giddy. Have I been swindled? Well this is the background state when you communicate. You recognize that Religion rises and falls on it's myths, and we can wonder how seriously they actually take the myths. I'm thinking of Adam-myth.

The problem, as I see it now, is that when most people, believers and pseudo-believers talk about myths like the Adam-myth and the Garden in Eden myth, they somehow split their minds apart and split themselves from present reality. They have what I call a mini-blackout or a split personality. They are not fully present in the moment- they are rationalizing and repeating what they've heard but not fully thinking or feeling, in their bodies. Bring them to the present, help them center and consolidate themselves- which consolidation is one of the most important things we can achieve- for the sake of organization, not losing your carkeys personal items or forgetting where you parked your car, or having an inability to pay attention when deemed important. Religion probably represents an adjustment, to cope. Well this is a digression but isn't health a matter of finding ideal ways to cope, or optimal ways to cope, without living in a world of ideals? Isn't religion an unrealistic unhealthy coping mechanism par excellence? Oh I can think of others- fantasy movies like X-men, masturbation. For me as a boy and for many men I think- and women too- we need power and we have power-deficits, in terms of ability to procure the things we need- love and intimacy and money and so on, so we invent and embrace others inventions, like Walter Mitty. Hopefully we grow up, because at some level, religion is mere childishness.

Let religion live on, just let my vision for the world come to pass in spite of religion. But in order to kill it, as anti-prophets or anti-christs, must we not (since and to the extent they chose a religion based on the wonderful lives of the prophets and the religious) model the happy atheist? If the only side of Dawkins people see is the angry or strident side- similar to the only side people saw of Adolf, then no wonder they have such a negative impression of atheists. They may think that's all we're about. This is one of a few factors- but an important one. And of course who controls the media has great power in the image we receive of various people and groups and ideological representatives. I wish free thinkers and free spirits controlled the media, and people of nobility of spirit. Ah but we have the internet.

So in this state and with these presumptions, when we converse with someone, we ask about why they believe what they do, we mention myths. We try to make them grasp it. The way to pop someone out of religion might be as simple as helping them learn what their religion is about, and what their "holy books" say and mean. Knowledge of my religion and the history and facts it pertained to and touched on is a large part of what caused me to reject it. I don't want no Hebrews killing my ancestors and stealing their mythologies and making me their slaves in Zion. That's some hardcore ethnic supremicism if you axe me.

Anyway that we all came from Adam. I understand that people really believe that- because it is a game to them, as it was to me. They did not take things seriously. We atheists, I believe we simply take things seriously as adults. And as adults, we can have our fun, our adulteries. But we know what to take seriously, and that's important.
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