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People are insane
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Christians Frustrate Me
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09-06-2013, 12:31 PM
RE: Christians Frustrate Me
(09-06-2013 12:40 AM)TheGulegon Wrote:  Hi Smile
You know how some people would give up many of their freedoms in exchange for security? At some level, I think it's like that. They'll believe anything so long as they get a life after death! Or even some will label every other bit of non-sense in their holy books/religious teachings as simply good morals to live by, but keep the "I get to see grandpa again when I die" belief. Unfortunately science hasn't brought back to life someone who's been dead, but preserved, for ages yet (or at least that I've heard) so they could relate their "experience". Until then, all they've got to say is "proove life after death does not exist". If you can't, they keep on believing and praying for you Undecided

But that's stupid. They spend their life in total oblivion and don't even see what's really going on. People are insane....
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