Christians Hope I Die Tomorrow
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28-04-2014, 05:52 PM
RE: Christians Hope I Die Tomorrow
(28-04-2014 03:33 PM)Bows and Arrows Wrote:  If you have people in your life that are fussing at you about religion---remove them from your life. Unfriend them on facebook, stop taking their calls, block their emails, whatever. They will suck the life out of you and make you miserable.

It comes down to accepting that they will never understand/accept you and you don't want to go back to what they are offering. Just end the relationship and move on.

If its family- then just give yourself a break from them for awhile. Find a way to say to them that the topic of religion is off the table. It's no longer up for discussion.

You only get one turn on this rock going around the sun---make choices that give you a happy life. Surround yourself with loving people. Life is too short to listen to people bitching and moaning about what THEY feel YOU need to do with YOUR life.

its your life---you and your wife live it the way you want.

I was going to reply to OP. But, this post was better said than anything that I could offer.

"The truth must dazzle gradually / or every man be blind." Emily Dickinson
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