Christians are right??We should off ourselves??
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05-02-2012, 11:44 AM
RE: Christians are right??We should off ourselves??
If anyone can be diagnosed as clinically depressed over the internet, I and several others think that you definitely are and need to see a physician. I suffered from depression in college, to the point that I didn't care whether or not I kept living. So I bought a motorcycle (Speed Triple, 120hp). If I don't care, why not take risks? Of course, that snapped me out of it because I found something I love to do in the process... lol Now I am still riding, but definitely want to keep living. There might not be some cosmic meaning to life, but that doesn't matter. Just having fun and realising that none of your problems have cosmic significance either can help.

My advice? Seek help, then find something you really enjoy doing. Branch out, take some more risks, just don't let yourself delude yourself into believing that there is no point - the point is to enjoy life.

Btw, I'm not sure I'd recommend the motorcycle route... I am lucky to be alive, considering how crazy I rode the thing... I've topped 140mph and dragged the toes of my boots on the pavement...

Better without God, and happier too.
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