Church bombed on New Years Eve
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01-01-2011, 04:16 PM
Video Church bombed on New Years Eve
Quote:About 1,000 worshippers were attending the Mass at the al-Qiddissin (Saints) Church in the Sidi Bechr district of the Mediterranean port city.
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As the service drew to a close after midnight, a bomb went off in the street outside.

"The last thing I heard was a powerful explosion and then my ears went deaf," 17-year-old Marco Boutros told the Associated Press from his hospital bed. "All I could see were body parts scattered all over."

Another witness told the private On-TV channel that he had seen two men park a car outside the church and get out just before the blast.

Officials initially thought the cause was a car bomb, but the interior ministry later ruled it out, saying the attack was instead "carried out by a suicide bomber who died among the crowd".

A nearby mosque was also damaged by the explosion and the casualties included eight injured Muslims, the health ministry said.

A few months ago, the Egyptian church was accused of kidnapping and imprisoning two priest wives who apparently wanted to convert to Islam and get a divorce (Since the coptic orthodox church prohibits it). That's when shit hit the fan. Al-qaeda declared a war against the coptic church, and ever since there's been a lot of tension and violence between Christians and Muslims in that area. Though, this attack is the worse in over a decade. It's hard to have any hope for a peaceful future with the existence of religion.
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02-01-2011, 12:47 AM
RE: Church bombed on New Years Eve
This is how religion brings peace and happiness to the world and makes it a better place to live. Notice that I don't have the little chuckle symbol up. That is because I am totally serious when making this statement. This is why I am anti-religion.

When I find myself in times of trouble, Richard Dawkins comes to me, speaking words of reason, now I see, now I see.
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