Church of Atheism
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05-07-2012, 05:23 PM
Church of Atheism
As I said in my previous thread a few weeks ago, I was thinking how it will always be impossible to be a 100% certain there is no God which means there's a chance there is a god even though it's really really small. So I was thinking: what if there is a god?

And that's how I made my own religion. If there is a god, could be any kind of god, it still doesn't mean science is wrong. All the scientific facts can't be refuted without hard evidence which happens to be something religions lack. There isn't much room left for God to hide in besides the supernatural which in the end will the last safe haven for believers to have faith in. But why does God hide?

God wants us to be atheists, apparently according to the 3 most popular religions he made everything. Ok, if he made everything it seems he removed all the evidence that he did it and infact made sense of the whole reality so it would seem like there's no need for a god for things to work. Also if God made everything it would mean he gave us superiour brains compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, capable of logical and critical thinking. It seems he then told people to make a book named the Torah, then later he told others to make another book called the bible and even later he told others to make another book called the quran. Why would God do that? Books had to be copied by hand, there were bound to be mistakes after a while by copying and translating. He's allpowerful, he could just let humans be born with the entire content of the holy books in their memory. Why hide and demand us to have faith? Logically that doesn't make sense and he's the one that gave us logical thinking.

God has to be testing us to see if we use the full potential of our capablities which means most atheists are God's chosen people and they will go to heaven. Because believing a 2000 year old book full of scientific mistakes, which changed over time by copying and translating, that talks about an old man in the sky that performs miracles and hates gays doesn't quite make sense.

Ofcourse, I don't think I'm right, I think I'm just making this shit up, hoping that if I'm wrong that there's no God that I'm going to get a spot in heaven anyway and that's the whole point of this. To be part of it you musn't believe in it because it might just be a test to see if you're capapble of thinking for yourself.

However, to start a religion I must get followers and a holy book that's full of shit that's not true. Infact I told this theory to a christian and he started to believe it. I think this is a perfect way to easy believers in atheism, to mix atheism with religion, to make not believing in God part of god's plan.

Is this a good idea?

chan chan ki sikin aman
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05-07-2012, 06:04 PM
RE: Church of Atheism
(05-07-2012 05:23 PM)Crusher Wrote:  Is this a good idea?

As in, better than disabling the safeties on your microwave and popping yer head in there for ten minutes? Probably.

But that's kinda how I ended up here, with the church of gwyneth paltrow and all mankind, and the Book of Gwynnite; which only resulted in my being even more out-of-my-head crazy in love with that girl...

living word
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