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12-09-2016, 03:36 AM
RE: Classroom Discussion
Hey, thank you all for your answers, I'll give you some more information:

I've only had class with this teacher in two days, its a 2hour subject and I'm in last year of high school.

Oddly enough, the first time he came to my class, we did all that presentation BS and asked what subjects we want to see. Then by end of class he asked if theres any atheists and raised my hand. He didnt say anything.

The following day we had religion again, and this time he asked again who was atheist again. I raised my hand again. Then what I said in the initial post happened.

Hes a Rwandan teacher who studied theology, I'm a 18year old Venezuelan and this is a school in Brussels.

I've had religion in all of my 6 years in highschool and he's the first teacher to call me out like that and confront me on my beliefs, it did put a lot of pressure on me since almost the whole class believes in God.

I dont have any problems with my classmates, we're friends with eachother and shit but when its about discussion of beliefs it does put pressure and I forget my answers.

I have class today with him again, I'll keep you updated for the ones who are interested.
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12-09-2016, 04:16 AM
RE: Classroom Discussion
(10-09-2016 11:37 AM)Jokurix Wrote:  Basically he's saying the energy that made the Big Bang could be what he calls God. To this I was going to answer that you can call God whatever you want, but that monotheist religions God is not just a creator, but also comes with other illogical problems like omnipresence and stuff.

Question is, what else can I say to answer what he said about "the energy of the Big Bang (or any scientific theory of the creation of the universe) being God"?

Exactly. Ask your teacher to first define what a god is. Otherwise how can anyone even start to say whether or not they believe that something exists if they don't even know what they are speculating about.

And if your teacher continues to define their god as energy, then ask whether that is a useful definition. Is it useful to talk about a god flowing through the circuits of your home powering your appliances, or electricity for example?
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12-09-2016, 09:18 AM
RE: Classroom Discussion
Back from school.

Today we didn't talk about any of this, and I didn't really feel like he had some hate against me, but I had to approach him myself by the end of the class and said that he's reducing God, a perfect being to energy without intelligence and all that.

Now to that, he said "Yeah, but what if God made that energy?" and now I think my teacher is retarded although good-willing and I thought to myself "Well believing he didn't make that energy is the reason atheism exists you dumbfuck, so why do you go stating that someone can't really be an atheist?".

Obviously I didn't say it out loud because I like to avoid problems and the principal might even have think as him, who knows.

After class a "very christian" female classmate who was listening to me, followed me to the bus stop to discuss about it, and I explained how an all-powerful being = paradox, why God can't be just, why we can't have "free will" as long as we have an all-knowing being and why natural disasters claim innocent lives who've done nothing. It was much easier to argue with one person my age, but she said to natural disasters and babies born with terminal diseases that she doesn't know.

She did use as an argument for everything I said that God is about FAITHHHHHHHHHHH, FAITH and more FAITH. *SIGH* Although, she took it well, it was a respectful discussion and I at least made clear that my atheist beliefs are based on something.

Anyways, if you have anything else to comment or to suggest for me to say to my teacher (I might as well not even answer to his stupid questions because logic doesn't seem to work) you're free to post.

Again, thank you all for your replies.
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12-09-2016, 12:35 PM
RE: Classroom Discussion
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