Clearing the air in here with some humor
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26-07-2012, 09:59 PM
Clearing the air in here with some humor
"And amidst the ferocious battling and sound of verbal steel clanging against shield, there arose the sound of laughter. And all debaters in the forum stopped in the midst of the blood soaked field and looked up. There they noticed a single man, partially shrouded by mist, but unmistakably dancing despite the carnage. The two opposing sides joined as one to revel in the relief of entertainment, and the hostilities forever ceased. That one man was Buddy Christ."

-Book of Pleasantries 17:3

"Ain't got no last words to say, yellow streak right up my spine. The gun in my mouth was real and the taste blew my mind."

"We see you cry. We turn your head. Then we slap your face. We see you try. We see you fail. Some things never change."
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