Climate Change
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26-05-2015, 06:53 AM
Climate Change
I came across a great composite image of data assembled by geologists for the last few decades on the climates of the Earth for the last ~542 million years. You can find Railsback's write-up along with it here:


The image is a great composite of some of the information that we have gathered from fossils, rocks, and geochemistry. It shows some rather interesting trends (I just noticed that the one I linked to does not include the estimates for atmospheric O2 but the one in the post does) that include the correlations between CO2 concentrations and O2 concentrations, as well as how these correlate with sea level changes and the dominant climate regime (Icehouse vs Greenhouse).

Perhaps most interesting is that some of these rapid (geologically speaking) changes in climates are associated with mass extinctions (only the "Big 5" are shown, but there are also others).

I just finished making a lecture on climate change, so this is at the front of my mind at the moment.
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