Clint Eastwood so Cray.
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31-08-2012, 09:04 PM
RE: Clint Eastwood so Cray.
(31-08-2012 05:37 PM)tnt4philly Wrote:  LOL, what a bunch of stuffed shirt tree huggers.....You all would have loved it if it was George Clooney out their busting Bush's balls.

Who in the world likes George Clooney?

Idk if anyone else mentioned it around the web or convention talk... There was a bunch of Conservative anchors made the HUGE stink about that super bowl commercial Clint Eastwood did as if it was about Obama making a conspiracy to use him. All it was, was a car commercial about the auto industry making a come back and had some football references.

I don't see people saying it's dumb that Clint Eastwood gave a speech.. it's what he did and said that was lame and general pandering. That's all these conventions are for both parties anymore.

"Allow there to be a spectrum in all that you see" - Neil Degrasse Tyson
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31-08-2012, 10:23 PM (This post was last modified: 31-08-2012 10:28 PM by Diablo666.)
RE: Clint Eastwood so Cray.
(31-08-2012 06:15 PM)Jeff Wrote:  
(31-08-2012 12:50 PM)Diablo666 Wrote:  How do you get a job done, when your co-workers are stealing your lunch, tripping you at every turn, and pushing you down the stairs when the camera is off.

Leadership, dude, leadership.

Why don't you Euros draft Obama to run one of your states? We'll trade him to you for a bust of Margaret Thatcher and a burgermeister to be named later.
The only way he could have gotten an iota of repub support would have been to hold a gun to the head of every single republican as they voted.

An extra university leadership course wouldn't have accomplished shit.
The republicans essentially committed treason. They should be taken outside, lined up, and executed firing squad style.

I guess I miss the good ole days too.

That sounds extreme, but we are to the point that might be what it takes to actually make meaningful change in the US. Revolt.
Me on the other hand, I am just going to move out of this shithole before everything hits the fan.
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