CofE 1 generation away from extinction
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20-11-2013, 11:39 AM
RE: CofE 1 generation away from extinction
(20-11-2013 05:07 AM)PursuingTruth Wrote:

With the church leaders finally acknowledging the failing of their church, and their pitiful attempts to reignite belief in their doctrine, could we not give them some advice on how to create a better more balanced religion that may be less damaging to peoples minds?

1. Accept the failings of the bible, preach it as a collection of tales rather than (hehe) gospel.

2. Quit it with the 'holier-than thou' attitudes.. priests are just as fallible as anyone else.

3. Removal of all anti-inclusion 'rules and regulations', glass ceilings and intolerance.

4. Less political influence, and showboating

5. more humor and facts, less damnation and magic


Just one piece of advice for them:

1. Give it up

I am not accountable to any God. I am accountable to myself - and not because I think I am God as some theists would try to assert - but because, no matter what actions I take, thoughts I think, or words I utter, I have to be able to live with myself.
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