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21-05-2014, 12:49 PM
RE: College
I am in a similar situation as you. Though I maintained at least a 3.0 GPA, I did no extra curricular activities, just showed up and left. No improvement, since I did the minimum work to keep a B, and didn't take many honors/AP classes.

Wanna know how I just got into college?

Sign up for community college. It takes a little longer (2-4 years), but it will completely replace your high school transcript and you can focus on certain classes that fit your degree criteria, saving you some money from taking it at a university.
Best part? Community colleges don't give a shit about high school (for the most part), you just gotta take a simple entrance exam in math and English to see where you place.
Also, you're a junior. Sign up for the community college now and start taking classes so you get priority registration as a freshman.
There's also ROP courses you can take (how I became a licensed pharmacy technician). Now, I know you don't live in Cali so you won't have ROP, but you may have similar state or school sponsored occupational programs that I would recommend you check out asap.
Another thing to think about is career colleges. They are similar to community colleges because they have placement tests and don't really care about gpa. Normally I wouldn't recommend this unless you're dead set on something though. Just make sure the school is accredited.
That thing about "the white man trying to make the black man fall" is bullshit. Racism exists, but not as much as you'd think. Actually, in some cases being black, yellow or purple can help you because some businesses need to keep a variety of employees so they're not accused of being racist...

Bottom line is education is available, you just need to put in the time and effort to find it.

Also, unless you're rich or lucky, you'll need to put in time as a minimum wage worker. Just how it works. Don't kill yourself over it.

Atir aissom atir imon
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21-05-2014, 03:25 PM
RE: College
(21-05-2014 09:21 AM)Alex_Leonardo Wrote:  After I complete high school, I'm going to a country where the government pays for your college.
I am willing to give up my american citizenship.

I am also leaving america. I want to finish college in japan, and while in college their start my citizen ship.

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