Comic books "easy"
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22-03-2014, 09:29 PM
Comic books "easy"
Okay, so, if any one of you was in 4th or 5th grade, you probably have known that they don't really accept comic books as a legitimate for of reading or information, generally because they are "easy to read." The teachers would probably force you to check out one or two novels. Like, several years ago when I was in seventh grade, you had to read a "novel." (By their definition of novel, a novel is a book with lots of pages and cannot have pictures more than once every few pages. [My comment: When technically letters are glyphs, which can be counted as pictures.] This is actually what was on my syllabus.)
But I argue, why are graphic novels illegitimate?
I asked my teachers this a multitude of times when I was a little child, and kept receiving the same answer, "'cause they're easy."
The problem here is, they may be easier to read, but it's only because they can convey information better.
Let's look at graphic features in informative writing, and by that I mean "graphs, charts, and data tables." Almost any study or informative text has them. Why?
Because they're easier to understand. It helps the readers understand. It's like every time I read a graphic-less novel. The characters always look different in my head then how they are presented in let's say, a movie. I mean, every, single, single, time.
Another example is powerpoints. Every power point I ever created has had atleast 20 graphic features, and the graphic features would have saved me miles of text I would've had to write.
Even sometimes in my school textbooks, they have little six panel cartoons.

With graphic novels, a long novel can be turned into a small book with less than 100 pages, and you'll probably understand what is going on more than you would with standard text.
And that is why I argue that graphic novels should be a legitimate source of information in schools. No more "too easy" crap. I think you should be able to read a 100 page graphic novel, and be able to write an essay on it without the teachers telling you it's "too easy."
(And I mean like as in, reading material, because it's always in math and science textbooks.)

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22-03-2014, 11:51 PM
RE: Comic books "easy"
Graphic novels are more art then works of literature, there are parallels to computer games, in that it takes society a long time to consider them more then childish pursuits.
My art teacher appreciated my 2000AD comics but my English teacher confiscated them.

I love comics but they invoke imagination from the artwork to build a story with the script mostly keeping it on the rails.

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