Coming Out As an Atheist.
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25-10-2010, 08:12 AM
RE: Coming Out As an Atheist.
(23-10-2010 09:51 PM)Cosmology Wrote:  Like I said, this is very common. I'm nineteen, and told my family about my atheism four years ago. I was raised Catholic, Confirmed, went to Faith Formation, and all that crap.

There are a lot of Catholics out there, and most people really start to think for themselves when they're teenagers, so this is a pretty frequent occurrence.

I've also noticed that, at least in my area, most teenage atheists are Catholics. To be honest I really don't know why this is, but it's reassuring to see at least. Most of my friends came from the church, and when I told them the reason why I never came to church anymore, half of them gave up on me.

Cosmology, you're going to feel like an outcast at first, but take it with pride. You've broken away from the pack and are thinking for yourself. You'll also find comfort in the friends that have stayed true to you, like a friend should do. Also, you always have us Big Grin
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26-10-2010, 04:37 PM
RE: Coming Out As an Atheist.
Hello there! Yes, I had the same experience when I finally revealed myself as an atheist, I'm 26 and I came out 2 years ago, I know its difficult, my mother told me I was confused, angry, etc. She accepted my choice eventually, but its not easy, I think my mother was disapointed because she is protestant and her famlily are devote catholics (ironic isnt it? since my mother came up as a protestant and his parents and siblings were catholic followers) and since my childhood they tried to make believe blindly in god. If you decide to tell the truth, you should tell your family that is your choice, do it in a respectful manner, dont attack their beliefs, you can defend your point of view without starting a confrontation. I agree with 2buckchuck " a lie is always uncomfortable and will become difficult to conceal forever...". Be honest and your chains will be broken and you will be able to live without hiding anymore. Peace.

"The tendency to turn human judgments into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world.”
-Georgia Harkness.

"La fe es patrimonio de los pendejos. (Faith is patrimony of the dumbfucks)."
-Diego Rivera
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