Coming Out Confusion
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23-04-2012, 10:55 PM
Question Coming Out Confusion
I listened to the Closet Atheist podcast earlier today and I find myself in a curious position. I don't think that I am a "closet atheist", I've only actually known that, that is the accurate description of what I am for maybe a month or so. I was born and raised in the Mormon church, and being the granddaughter of one of the Apostles, it goes without saying that this idea won't be too popular with some of the members of my family. (surprising as it may be, my grandfather probably won't feel slighted by my "decision" at all)

My problem is not with fearing that people will be angry with me, think I'm "damned" or anything of that sort. I'm confused as to how people that struggle with closet atheists think people should go about coming out to their families. People will think whatever they will regardless of how they find out, but personally, I like to be respectful while being honest. With my mother in particular, a convert from the Greek Orthodox Church, I intend to be honest about my thoughts and beliefs, but I would like to avoid making it appear to be a slap in the face if possible. Also, is it falling short if I don't shove it into everyone's face or go out of my way to inform everyone I know that I'm an Atheist?

I'm not looking for coddling, I'm hoping for a little advice from those of you that have or even have not struggled with more personal conflicts with coming out. As for the people who think (and I have heard this before) I should take advantage of my grandfather's position to undermine that church or "stick it to the man", he's family before he's an Apostle so you can take that advice and shove it. The fact that my beliefs differ from my family's does not suddenly make me a blatant, disrespectful asshole.
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