Coming out slowly...
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29-01-2015, 10:21 PM
RE: Coming out slowly...
I think you just have to continue with a slow withdrawal.

I'd probably start coming up with excuses not to attend church... Pretend to be sick, phone up and say you can't make it. Keep that up for a while until its obvious you're avoiding church. If someone asks, at that point I'd kind of tell the truth, but not the whole truth... Just say you don't feel very comfortable with it anymore, or that you need time to think things over and just leave it at that.

Once it gets to the point where nobody misses you at church, and nobody expects you to attend, then you might feel more comfortable stating that you no longer believe. I wouldn't even necessarily use the word atheist. I think a lot of Christians have a confused idea of what an atheist is and isn't. So I'd just say I'd though it over, and reached a point where I no longer believe in God.

Its a long, slow process... But it might get your family and friends used to the idea before you actually come out and say it.



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20-02-2015, 03:57 AM
RE: Coming out slowly...
About Hillsong, just another money making machine. And sex abuse.

First, GOD created MAN, then Woman then Temptation then Confusion.Sadcryface
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