Commandment of Love - Unethical? (And a Request for Assistance)
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25-02-2011, 11:02 PM
RE: Commandment of Love - Unethical? (And a Request for Assistance)
TheSixthGlass: I understand what you are saying. Back when I was a young god believing agnostic, I had Xtian friends who would mention "love one another" and it kind of pissed me off because LOVE is a powerful emotion and should be reserved for only those who love you back and deserve to be loved. Since we both are interpreting the word "love" with the same meaning, I agree it is unethical to be forced to love anyone- kind of the same as arranged marriages. Smile

Ghost: I don't see how you are confused by his conundrum. I find it confusing that you are confused, just like how you kept asking me questions about a topic I was discussing a while back in some other thread. It's like you are trying to squeeze juice out of the proverbial theistic lemon when we are simply asking logical questions.
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