Confused Atheist & Theological Noncognitivism
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11-05-2017, 01:13 PM
RE: Confused Atheist & Theological Noncognitivism
(10-05-2017 05:44 PM)depot12 Wrote:  emergent truth puts emphasis on emotional, so that doesn't seem like the emphasis is on truth. the thing you want to do is follow truth where ever it leads. If atheism is true, only material exists. No minds, just brains. That means no thinking, because chemicals react, they don't think.
It doesn't follow that atheism necessarily leads to materialism. I am acquainted with atheists who believe in all manner of psychic and mystical woo; they just don't happen to believe in deities.

And to say "only material exists" is to deny science. Plenty of things exist that are not material -- Einstein showed a pretty definitive mathematical relationship between them, over a century ago.

And there are phenomena, which arise from the interaction of matter and energy. Phenomena aren't non-existent, but they are immaterial. To assert that "no minds exist, just brains" is akin to saying "there's no such thing as motion; just momentum and inertia".

Quote:Watch some debates between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris. that will give you good views of both sides.
Been there; done that. They still owe me a T-shirt. Angry

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