Consciousness and the number 4
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17-06-2012, 04:00 AM
Consciousness and the number 4
This is ST's fault. Kinda why I like having him around...

[Image: more4.jpg]

To start at the beginning is to focus on the tetrahedron in the lower right corner. All "consciousness" is to me, is geometry. The base triangle can be seen to represent certain functions of the brain, where area 1 + area 2 + area 3 = area 0 of "consciousness." Brain a buncha neurons with 10 billion connections (probably more, I'm stoned Tongue); takes a triangle to think... how many permutations account for consciousness? Theist?

Fuckers. I mean, they're just evil sometimes. Make a buncha spin outta a bunch of dimensionless points. Dodgy

A theist that actually knows probability, is an atheist. Moving on... the other stuff is the limits of perception. The set of "moral dilemmas" in simple-to-use mathematical form. One: if the point is I AM (a.k.a god), we ain't got nothing to talk about, cause we are all god. Being on the paper outside the point doesn't count, cause there is no paper. Buddha wasn't an idiot. Two: me and you. This is tao, to me. Not duality, but rather, duality induced by inertia. If I'm sitting here obsessing over my Gwynnies, don't bother me. Heck, I ain't even here, here, when that happens. (dang Gwynnies. Heart ) But as soon as something happens, duality happens. And not just in a metaphysical sense if you cannot create a particle without creating its antiparticle. What do we create? Both "us and them" and "me and you." Both are evolutionary imperative, competition and cooperation.

Both good and evil. Thing is, if you got "consciousness" on one side with a conceptually infinite number of permutations, and the absolutes of good and evil on the other, you got a logistics problem of the first order. It is simply illustrated by the line segment of "good and evil." Viewed from a "higher perspective," good and evil are the bases of a triangle where you are the hypotenuse, as you must fit between my concepts of good and evil.

Viewed in terms of god, well, god must be evil. There is no other solution. The theist solution, of course, is to call others evil; which creates imbalance. Which allows to mandate of "us versus them" to override the mandate of "you and me."

If I ain't making any sense here, well, being a prophet is waking up at two in the morning, smoking a joint, and getting to work on the Rolling Rock. Not a bad job, in other words. Boss sucks, but there it is...

living word
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