Conservative groups, Dep. of Education and god
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27-02-2017, 08:53 PM
RE: Conservative groups, Dep. of Education and god
(26-02-2017 03:36 PM)Alla Wrote:  
(25-02-2017 08:53 PM)A. Secular Human Wrote:  Does this mean that you would have no problem if your child was required to pray to Allah five times each day while at school?

I would have a problem with this. But I wouldn't have a problem if somebody else's child who is Muslim could do this in school.
I believe in this: either all are allowed to say their own prayers or nobody prays in public schools. I am for fairness.
This is why I will defend satanic stand next to Nativity stand on public square.

There's no law that says a child can't pray in school. Any student can pray anytime they want. What IS against the law is that a teacher in a public school cannot lead a class in public prayer. That's been the law of the land since the early 1960's.

Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors.... on Donald J. Trump:

He is deformed, crooked, old, and sere,
Ill-fac’d, worse bodied, shapeless every where;
Vicious, ungentle, foolish, blunt, unkind,
Stigmatical in making, worse in mind.
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