Conspirrationality Theories?
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07-05-2012, 05:17 PM (This post was last modified: 07-05-2012 05:22 PM by CaluMew.)
Conspirrationality Theories?
Before I go into what I think some Conspiracy theories are please watch this YouTube film on the Illuminati. Ask and investigate into detail what these people are saying and how these things can be interpreted by someone who isn't of a rational mind.

Illuminati - The Music Industry

"Uploaded by StopTheRobbery2 on Jan 28, 2011

Youtube: This video is presented under the fair use provision for educational purposes only and does not infringe on any copyrights. Made by: Farhan, Adnan, Faraaz, and Jabbran.
illuminati music industry exposed michael jackson tupac eminem britney dmx peace love
Standard YouTube License"

Now after watching the film any rational/reasonable person would think; 'What the hell was that' because I surely did. Nonetheless I have two separate groups of friends - I know, popular right - one that considered this film utter bull**** and the other completely the opposite. Which leads me to go on to the amount of views, likes and dislikes this particular film had:

Views: 2,133,696
Likes: 16,559
Dislikes: 1,602

I am scared for humanities intelligence, I am not surprised that so many mindless grunts suck this shit up because they're bored from prolonged neglect of Ricky Lake and Jeremy Kyle. Although it's quite frightening how humans can magnetise to what seems 100% Christian biased dogma! You'd expect in today's world that people would be generally mature on the Devil and other fictional bible characters but no. These people are totally genuine in their conviction and that is troubling.

I'd like to know your thoughts because I've told you mine, do you think the same or are you sucked into what seems like a social aphrodisiac?

Religious? unfortunate.

It's not that I don't like you or have a problem with you. It's just uncomfortable looking at that dying Jew on that cross, around your neck.
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09-05-2012, 04:15 AM
RE: Conspirrationality Theories?
7 years I studied all sorts of conspiracy theories..... I gave up a few months ago.

The whole community in general is full of "keyboard warriors" who like to be entertained by reading the alternative half truths yet do nothing about it (by changing there lifestyle to match there views-thats why I claim it to be entertainment)..... facts get lost in a sea of bullshit....... the community is its own worse enemy.

Jay z owns roc-a-feller records and occasionaly gives out "devil horns" hand signals....... the community lap this up and compare the name Roc-a-feller with the Jewish banking family the Rockefellers.

No proof..... no facts (that I have ever come across)

I remember when this video come out ha ha.

Satanic occultism????..... even though the songs lyrics include "21st century schizoid" Shocking

So whilst the vast majority of the community believe that the moon is an artificial construct and that the Royal Bloodlines are all shape shifting reptiles/annunaki/elohim (which they very well could be for all I know.......until I see proof though I aint applying faith) the real proveable things like the economy and unlawfull wars just get swept aside. Sad

Like I said...... the community is its own worst enemy.

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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